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“At precisely the moment when our diverse and multi-ethnic nation needs a spiritual lift, Sid Balman gives us a portrait of the complex racial and generational relations that define who we really are as Americans. You can smell the creosote of the desert and taste the huevos rancheros in this tale of West Texas … a splendid account of what being American is all about, a rich portrait useful to us all … The book Donald Trump doesn’t want you to read.”

— Mike McCurry, former White House Press Secretary

About Seventh Flag

A sweeping work of historical fiction, Seventh Flag traces the arc of radicalization in modern Western Civilization — a parable that reaffirms what it means to be an American in a dangerously divided nation.

“Think you know what shapes Texas? Sid Balman’s tale of a Seventh Flag over Texas will rattle what you think. This saga of a generational partnership “as unlikely as the idea of a United States” is rooted in a true event from before the Civil War that led to Texas, of all places, being home to more Muslim Americans than any other state.”

Mark Stein, New York Times bestselling author of How the States Got Their Shapes


About Sid Balman Jr.

A Pulitzer-nominated national security correspondent and a specialist in behavior-change communications, Sid Balman has covered wars in the Persian Gulf, Somalia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo; and travelled extensively with two American presidents and four secretaries of state on overseas diplomatic missions.

“Seventh Flag’s rapid paced narrative takes readers from the football fields of West Texas to the battlefields of the Middle East; from Mexican shootouts to an Ashram in India. A former war correspondent, Balman’s lively prose has his audience inside a tank’s turret and with the media cluster in the rear of the Secretary of State’s aircraft. The book entertains and enlightens!”

— US Ambassador James Bishop (Ret.)

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